Sun is a weird, playful, friendly contestant that won most of the challenges.

It all Began AppearanceEdit

Sun jumped off the cliff, and got to be team captain. He chose Happy Face, Circle, Scribble, and Heart (In that order) to be on his team. He called his team Weird Love. Then, Sun's team was first to cross the bar and his team was safe for another day.

Sun Has Gone Mad AppearanceEdit

He went crazy at the end of the video. His team placed second.

Racing For Our Lives AppearanceEdit

His team was the only one who actually won the challenge. They won the new contestant Star.

The Octo Race AppearanceEdit

He got stuck on one of the traps in the trap room and sadly lost. He was possessed at the end of the by ____

Spooky Suprises AppearanceEdit

Not out yet.